Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Well Endowed" Sandolo

OK, so maybe it was a cheeky play-on-words,
but I just couldn't resist.
This sandolo has her own motor-well.
It's not that unusual to see stern-mounts
and even some clever side-mounts on modern-built Venetian boats.
Some even have inboard wells to accommodate an outboard motor.

This guy looks like he left the office, chucked his suitcoat, grabbed his girl and motored off in the sandolo. Nice.

Taking a close look at the bow, we see that some repair work has been done on the starboard side.

If you ask me, I think he needs to either add a little ballast to the port side, or eat smaller portions of liguini.
Looks like the guy in the green shirt is thinking the same thing.
Or maybe he's thinking "Hey, that's my sister!"

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