Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Fog

"The fog comes
on little cat feet.
It sits looking
over harbor and city
on silent haunches
and then moves on."
-Carl Sandburg

I spent my day in and around town, always in the bright sunshine. It was hot, like in August at times.
By the time I dressed for my 6pm gondola cruise, the choice was automatic: summer pants and the striped shirt with shortsleeves.
On my way out the door I was sure to grab my sunglasses as well.
The weather has been turning toward Fall lately, but today Summer came most parts of town.
As I drove down to the docks, the sun was shining, I was actually considering putting a little sunscreen on my nose. Next thing I knew I was driving under clouds and into a fog.
Setting up the boat, I joked with fellow gondoliers about how the fog had snuck in. Everyone agreed that it had been sunny everywhere else but by the water.
We call it a "marine layer". It's usually caused by a temperature inversion, and it's quite common around here, but tonight's was especially thick.
My passengers and I enjoyed the refreshing moisture in the air, and with the occasional concern over getting in a collision with another vessel, I loved rowing in the fog tonight.
Here are a few shots I took from the poppa: Two gondoliers from my friendly competitor make their way under the Newport Boulevard Bridge.
Gondolier Steve O waves from the back of the Serena Lee. Those new halogen nav-lights are nice and bright.
Joe Munday approaches, driving his Crystal Swan...

...and heads off into the night.

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DG Beat said...

I rowed the Puparino this night. I loved the experience as well. I could hardly see across the bay, but I did lock eyes with a Sea Turtle in the canal.

The last time I rowed in fog this thick a dock rubbed against a wall and with perfect pitch scraped out the first two notes of the Jaws jingle.

Da dum.

Along with the thick layer of fog, the sound created an eerie reality for my cruise.

Now, I wonder. Hey, Greg. Tell us a story about your "weirdest" cruise so far. If your weirdest cruise isn't suitable for this blog then I'll be happy with your second weirdest.

I would also like to extend this request to those of you rowing all over the world.