Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pupparin Construction at the GSVVM -Varo Regate

Nereo Zane just emailed me with some details about the launch of our favorite pupparin.

In the interest of "doing it right", the GSVVM chose to wait a month or so to hold the varo because the committee wanted to have it on a Sunday that didn't conflict with any other regate or other special events.

Along with the launch of this special boat, and enjoying a great feast, the club had a couple regate of their own; one for mascarete and one racing gondole.

The GSVVM has a regata-worthy fleet of mascarete (which is why the boats in the above photos are all in club colors), but I think they outsourced for the fleet of racing gondole.

Hey, I think that's my friend Claudio on the back of that light blue racing gondola!

Nereo has just put all of the varo photos in one post on his blog.

Check it out, leave comments!

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Nereo said...

Hi Greg, you're right: the popier of the light blue gondola is Claudio.
For you and your readers there's a short video of the lauch at