Thursday, October 15, 2009

Passing Group - Second Gondola

The bridge I was on that Spring afternoon is unique because it's right next to another one. The gondolas pass under them one right after the other.
Because if this the gondoliers seem to look around a bit when they're in that space between bridges,

and with so many people walking around
(after all, it is San Marco),
there are a lot of people to smile at.

Here are a few shots of the second boat as she passed through:

The ladies aboard seemed to be having a great time.

This gondolier was great, he looked right up at me and smiled.
He obviously loves his job.

This gondola was much older than the first one.

She looked like she'd given a lot of cruises.

I couldn't quite make out what that thing wrapped around his forearm was, but I liked the green and white FIAT calcio jersey. Maybe he plays after work.
As the tail of the gondola slipped out of view, I noticed that it was bobbed - could be from previous damage, could be in order to fit better under bridges.

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