Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Passing Group - First Gondola

One Spring afternoon I planted myself on a bridge overlooking the Rio Santa Maria del Giglio and caught a series of gondolas as they passed under.

Each was coming in from the Grand Canal and heading toward La Fenice.
To the untrained eye, a gondola is a long black boat, which looks like all other gondolas.
But to those of us who "have the disease", each gondola is like a different wine - ready to be described and appreciated for her varied aspects and unique features.

So here's the first boat:

She's got some of the standard trim features of a passenger gondola.

I'm a sucker for blue floorboards.

As the gondolier came into view, it looked like he was going to smile at me...

...but it didn't really develop into a full smile, kinda looked like he was thinking "I wish that idiot on the bridge would stop taking pictures".

The decrative rope and pom-poms look like recent additions, and I couldn't help admiring the tapestry draped behind the seat-back.

As the tail of the gondola disappeared under my bridge, I caught a glimpse of the tapeto (gondolier's carpet) and realized I'd seen it before in another canal or one like it on another gondola.

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