Thursday, October 1, 2009

Gondola Joe Update

I spoke with Joe Deverell this morning. He's not always able to grab a ringing phone, because he's actively rowing his solo expedition, but luck was on my side today.

I tried to call him last night but it went to voice mail. Later Joe wrote:

Hey Greg: Thanks for the phone calls last night - it's always a rush at the end of the day - getting as far as possible before bridges and locks shut down at 5:00pm, then I have to set up my tent, usually in the rain. Temp is 48 degrees.

It has been brutally windy and quite unsafe. I wanted to leave on mom's b-day sept 27 but this is probably too late in the year for a pleasant trip, we are moving into a winter weather pattern. The good news is that I have made incredible time (when i'm not waiting out windy periods tied to various town docks).

When I spoke with Joe this morning, he said the temperatures had been in the low 40's at times.

Keep checking in at as he updates the site and should have more photos and possibly even some video as well.

Stay warm Gonddola Joe!

Our prayers are with you.


Unknown said...

I just found the article about Joe and it so happens I might be able to get out to see him as he passes through my area on the Erie canal. I'd like to paddle my kayak with him early next week. I don't have any way of contacting him. Can you either forward my email to him or send me how I can contact him privately? I can be reached at kwheely at

Thank you in advance for your help.

Unknown said...

Oops. I just found some contact info for Joe.

Anonymous said...
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Gondola Greg said...

Youu're absolutely right Mr. "Anonymous" - gondola people are all a bit "touched" in the head, and anyone extreme enough to row an expedition is most likely insane
...but we're happy and we enjoy the ride.

Billy B. said...
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