Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Minnesota Snow is in the News and on John's Gondola

I talked with John Kerschbaum today and heard about snowfall once again.
I asked him to send me a photo. Turns out we've got something better to look at.
Here's a newsclip from KSTP channel 5.

Love the hat John!


Tamas Feher from Hungary said...

Sorry to sound cynical, but fall snowfall is the least of your problems when you visit that KSTP TV web article.

The sidebar lists a dozen of the latest twin city headlines, all nasty things without exception: from police abuse to paedophilia, from arson to horror accident.

Gondoliers are fortunate to walk on the sunny side of life and I expect them to be creative to cope with a bit of weather difficulties! After all Venezia never comes to a stop unless the lagoon freezes up, which happens once in 300 years!

A gondola is a big craft with a lot of space in the hull available for innovation. Add air-heating aparatus to the rear hold, put on the felze, use water-cooled/heated garments for the gondolier, etc.

Here in Europe I see people drive open top cars through the winter. Not a clever thing to do, but it is a matter of fact that technology has solutions, the seats have neck heating, etc.

I also think it is possible to find spectacularly scenic views for a gondola ride, no matter which season it is.

If you can't, let's complain to the municipal council that the city is the most boring one on the continent. After all, lavish public spending on new construction projects helped end the early 1930's great depression, similar to todays big economic crisis. Build new bridges, waterfronts and monuments that actually look something all around the year.

People think of americans as an innovative nation, who always find a way to circumvent difficulties via progress!
(Rant mode off)

Gondola Greg said...