Saturday, October 24, 2009

Regata Storica through the lens of Nereo Zane - 9 Mascarete

Regata Storica is popular among Venetians for multiple reasons. Some are drawn to it for it's history. Others love it from a nationalistic standpoint - it's a patently Venetian event. Just as the running of the bulls is not only Spanish, but particular to Pamplona. Some Venetians love it because Voga-alla-Veneta is their sport - sure, all of Italy loves calcio (soccer to us Americans), but only Venetians row in the alla-Veneta style (with a few exceptions, of course).
I mentioned in a previous post that the Regata Storica is appealing to Venetians because the competitors are locals.
One other draw to mention though, is that there are categories, men, women, boys, groups and clubs. There's a good chance that you'll identify with someone in the field.

The women's regata is a big favorite.
Women have been racing in Venice for centuries.
The first recorded women's regata took place in 1493.

Here are a couple photos shot by our favorite member of Venetian nobility:
This year, the winning boat was a yellow one rowed by Luisella Schiavon and Giorgia Ragazzi. Here is Giorgia rowing in the forward position.

In the white mascareta, Luigina Davanzo and Vally Zanella row in front of Maela Zancan and Elisabetta Nordio in the marron (brown) boat.

As a case-in-point, Vally Zanella is a friend of mine and a member on the council of the GSVVM. You know I'll cheer loud for a race that has a "friend in the field".
I'd be curious to hear the opinions of others here, because I recall hearing so much cheering from the crowds during the mascareta race, that it almost seemed like the women garnered more noise than the gondolini did.

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