Saturday, October 10, 2009

Top Ten Reasons

In honor of today's date - 10/10 (regardless of whether you write it with the month or day first), I've decided to post my "Top Ten Reasons for Being a Gondolier":

1. It's awesome out on the water.

2. I can enjoy being the "captain of the ship" - even if it's a little ship and I have to row it.

3. Now and then someone actually thinks I'm cool...then they ask for a free cruise. But still, they think I'm cool!

4. With proposals, birthdays, anniversaries and actual weddings going on, I get to spend time with folks at their very best.

5. Rowing helps me stay in shape. I remember one time Simon Goodyear (who owned The Gondola Company of Newport at the time) told me that he'd lost 15 pounds rowing a gondola hist first summer. I asked him how and he said "Greg, it's really hard to eat a Big Mac while rowing a gondola".

6. I get to make people's day on a regular basis.

7. Rowing keeps me thin, and thin people can pull of stripes.

8. I can go to Venice and be taken seriously, well, kind of.

9. I've made some terrific friends in the gondola world.

10. It beats diggin' ditches.

Got any of your own reasons?
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Tamas Feher from Hungary said...

11., Some author commented that venetian gondoliers are richer than any of the visitors, who may have all the money, but leave sooner or later. The gondolier however, has all the city to himself for life.

On a less serious note:

12., You may go as fast as you can and never earn a speed ticket...

13., Russian gondolier's wisdom: better scull than pull the boat!