Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hudson River Gondola Expedition - Looking Back Two Years Later

Two years ago today, after six days and 150 miles of rowing, a Venetian gondola showed up in Manhattan having been rowed from Albany.

The expedition was an amazing experience for all involved, and served a more-than-worthy cause: supporting the "Fallen Heroes of 9-11".

Hundreds of great photos were taken by Nereo Zane, who followed the row and was an integral part of everything that happened.

Here are some images captured during that week, two years ago:
Yucking it up the day before taking off,
Bepi Suste, Enzo Liszka, and Greg Mohr on board the gondola with Ed Larvia - Dock Manager of the Albany Yacht Club.

A striking comparison of the hands of Chris Harrison (left) and Bepi Suste (right) in the Marlboro Yacht Club at the end of Day Three.

Bepi, Enzo, Chris and Vittorio rowed into the fog of Haverstraw Bay on Day Five.

Bepi, Enzo, Greg and Vittorio arrived in New York Harbor on Day Six to the FDNY welcome of fireboat "John McKean" who's spray created a rainbow in the sun.

Nereo's photos, along with English and Italian commentary, are available in a terrific book titled "Nolite Oblivisci" -
for more information, see this post.

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Nereo said...

Many thanx for recalling those days: it really was an exciting and amazing experience. About the hands' photo: the most interesting thing is that the hands size is the same but Chris is one foot taller that Bepi.