Monday, October 12, 2009

Regata Storica through the lens of Nereo Zane - 7 "Excess"

To say that there's "lots to look at" in Regata Storica would be a major understatement.
Look at it all together and it's a dazzling display, look at it frame-by-frame, and you'll see some interesting things.

Today's post loosely follows the theme of "excess".

You might not see a lot of drinking going on in the parade segment, but once everyone's rafted-up along the Grand Canal, the "celebration" begins.
This historic occasion offers a number of reasons to celebrate, and there's never a shortage of things worthy of raising a toast with those on your boat, on land, or on neighboring boats.

I'm not sure what's in that keg mounted on the bow, but I'm pretty certain that it was empty by the time the boat arrived home again.

Speaking of excess, is it just me or is this forward rower giving the seated lady an excessive amount of attention? And I don't think it's because he's admiring her hat!

Looks like this group has taken up flag-collecting.

...But the award for excess really must go to the folks on this, uh, boat. I'd like to specify what type of boat it is...but I can't see it under all of that decor.
Draping some cloth is not a bad idea, but when it threatens to reduce the hull-speed, it's time to either trim some off or reach for a staple gun!

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