Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"If You Could Row Anywhere" Follow-Up

The question I posed a while ago was:
"If you could row anywhere other than Venice, where would it be?"

All great answers amici.
The Wonka chocolate river made me laugh out loud.
I'd never thought of rowing on other planets, but now of course, I want to.
Pittsburg to New Orleans is one John Kerschbaum and I talk about almost every time we're on the phone - but it would take a lot of time and finances to row the Mississippi so for now, it's just a topic of discussion...for now.
I'd love to row the Nile.
Not sure you could PAY me to row the Amazon - too many ways to die down there (if the creatures don't eat you, perhaps the natives will).
Tahoe sounds fun.
Mead is just downstream from my Lake Las Vegas operation.
I've rowed that lake a few times and the climate is not always "voga friendly".

Ok, now for my answer:
- I'd like to some day follow in Vittorio Orio and Enzo Liszka's wake and cross the English Channel.

- Having lived in Nome, Alaska in my twenties, I encountered many people who had crossed the Bering Straight to and from Siberian Russia.
The winds and currents would have to be perfect, but it sure would make for a cool row.
It would also be ridiculously expensive too.

- And some day, if the circumstances would allow it, I'd like to take the "shortest route between the Atlantic and the Pacific".

Anybody else got one?

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