Monday, February 28, 2011

Kayak in the Sky

photo by René Seindal
This image went up on René Seindal's Facebook page a while back and I had to get it up here on the Gondola Blog.

Sitting right at the surface, kayakers have an incredible point of view, and René is responsible for many photos which have caught my eye in the past. 
No photoshop editing was done here, but he did do one thing to this image, which makes it even more interesting.
Can you spot it?

When I took a closer look at all the things in the photo, I recognized something from a previous photo.
I believe the ferro of the gondola on the left is the same one from my post from September 4th of last year "Long-Term Cover".

Thanks go out to our friend René of Venice Kayak, for sharing with us, his unique view of things.


Tamás said...

Apparently this photo is displayed upside down.

Gondola Greg said...