Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Day in Pictures 2/13/11

Stefano details the Wedding Gondola.

Isabella spreads rose petals.

Heading out for a cruise.

Two beauties await their passengers.

John in the sun.

Stefano grabs a bridge.

Stefano on the Wedding Gondola.

Joe salutes from the Crystal Swan.

An unbelievable sunset.  This photo was not enhanced in any way.


Tamás said...

There is a bugle in the third photo from the top. Is it purely for signalling or do you play calls on it for amusement?

Tamás said...

Third photo from the bottom: funny how the speed limit buoy appears to be on-board.

Unknown said...

Hi Greg...just showed my husband Roberto your blog and photos...He was wondering where you bought the gondola with the caption "John in the sun"....looks a lot like his old boat. But again it's hard to tell in the photos. He had sold "La Maria" to a gentleman in Florida in late 2009...could it be the same boat?
Ciao, Marie

Gondola Greg said...

Yes, that's my bugle.
It's an old military surplus item that some gondoliers in Newport like to salute each other with.
This is almost entirely a local custom. I don't know of any other locations where gondoliers honk at each other with bugles, but it could happen elsewhere.
We are required to have some kind of "noisemaking device" on board for safety reasons, some of us comply with bugles because it's fun.
These days it's mostly Joe Munday and me.

Gondola Greg said...

Hi Marie.
The gondola John is rowing in that photo is the Phoenix.
She has been in our fleet for five or six years, and was built in Squero Bonaldo by Thom Price.
She was one of two he built there, under the direction of Maestro Bonaldo, for a client in Austin, Texas. Her sister ship now takes passengers in Coronado,CA (San Diego area).
The Pheonix is a well-traveled gondola; she was also the boat we rowed down the Hudson River in our 2007 expedition.
Where was Roberto's boat built, and where in Florida was she sent?
I hope you're staying warm.