Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Collection of Images - Lucia

Most of the time I'm the one rowing the Lucia,
also known as the "Curci gondola". 
She is a unique gondola to say the least. 
So when John Kerschbaum was in town for a few days,
I seized the opportunity to put him on the back and snap some pictures.

There are many Venice-built gondolas in the U.S.,
and there are many canopied gondolas here too,
but I believe she is the only operating gondola in North America that's both.

Kerschbaum rows a-poppa.

All gondolas have a crescent-shaped curve. 
Some have more curve than others. 
From the right angle you can see that the Lucia comes out of the water a bit more than some other gondolas - in fact of the three Venice-built gondolas we have in our fleet, the ferro of this gondola rises higher, as does the tail.  And because she comes out of the water earlier on each end, getting this one to turn is not only easier, it's fun.

Getting John on the back of the Lucia wasn't difficult - rowing with a canopy is a challenge seasoned gondoliers relish, and John certainly fits that description.

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