Thursday, February 10, 2011

Relaunching of the Cassandra Anne

She was built in 1996, by a skilled craftsman who had an eye for curves and shapes.  Since then the boat has had an old traditional rub-rope rail system, which looks elegant, but hasn't fared well in the day to day use of a passenger gondola.  I maintained it faithfully until the maple developed a terminal case of dry rot, which unfortunately went undetected, concealed by the rub-rope.  Replacement became necessary, but this time we went with stainless steel instead.
While I had her out of the water, I installed some ridiculously bright LED navigation lights.
My daughter Cassandra (for whom the vessel was named), helped paint the final coat on the hull, and has really become attached to the boat lately.
I gave her my camera as we were preparing to launch, and she climbed a cliff and took this long lens shot.
photo by Cassandra Mohr

The boat is now safely back at dock, ready for the Valentine's Day rush.
Meanwhile, my daughter, who is 13,
wants me to teach her how to drive "her boat".

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