Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Let It Rain

Coming into December, we had our sights set on two things here in Newport: Christmas Boat Parade, and Valentine's Day.

Boat Parade ended up being a rather wet affair, but we all said the same thing: "I don't care so much about the rain in December, just as long as it doesn't rain on Valentine's Day".

The closer we got to February, the more we watched the weather.
By the first week of February, I found myself checking the forecast three times a day.
On around the 9th or 10th there was talk of some rain on the 16th.

V-Day fell on a Monday this year.
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were all picture perfect days.
The 14th followed suit, with a bit more wind in the early parts of the day,
but overall it was exactly what we'd hoped for.

Towards the end of the evening we got about five minutes of sprinkling rain - just enough to remind us of how brilliant our weather had been, and how it could have been.
The 15th saw a little mist here and there, but now it's the 16th and we've got what the weatherman forecasted.
I think I speak for most of the gondoliers in Southern California when I say "Now it can rain. Let it rain. Rain like crazy - my boats need a good washing now anyway."

To all my colleagues who are resting after a week of V-Day rowing:
Relax my friends; we had a great run this year.

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Tamás said...

Why not hire a native american medicine man to adjust the rainfall as desired?

They are probably more effective than the TV forecasters who divine in blue-box.

Or maybe there is some insurance plan against rain for businesses?

Btw, we had a little snowfall this mornining here, wouldn't bury a matchbox, but it was still unexpected.