Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Swan Chase

As if what we do with our boats on a regular basis isn't interesting enough, now and then a gondolier is asked to go above and beyond, and do something remarkably strange, amusing, or worthy of taking pictures of.
Such was the case back in April of 2005, when some of my gondoliers in Irving, Texas were asked to assist in some "swan catching".

One of the big hotels on the lake has a pen of black swans. 
The guests love them, the staff takes very good care of them, and yet sometimes the swans lose sight of just how good they've got it.

One spring day, my staff there jumped aboard our fastest motorized gondola and set out to perform a good ole Texas Swan-roundup of a very wily swan.

The gondolier does his best to pursue the swan,
while hotel staff reach out with a net.
A canvas canopy was removed from the frame
to allow the "swan handlers" to do their job.

The swan celebrates his superior cornering ability.

The gondolier lines up with a better approach while another guy
climbs out on the bow with the net.

Got him!

After bringing in the swan, the "swan handlers" handle the bird carefully.
As you can see, this gondola also has a forcola - the boat was designed to be either rowed or motored.
The unusual crew came to dock, with one very irritated swan.

There have been many funny, interesting,
and amazing stories coming out of my Texas location,
but this one is one of my favorites.

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