Saturday, February 12, 2011

Passing Shots

A lot of things happen on a day like today, but with running around with supplies, tools, boat parts, and a million other things, the only time I can reach for my camera is on the boat.

Here are a few shots taken as I passed some of our other gondoliers this evening.

Adam Bosch waves from the back of the Elisa Marie
after leaving the dock for a sunset cruise.

Heading toward the Newport Blvd. bridge,
I passed Joe Munday on his Crystal Swan.

John Kerschbaum of Minnesota is back with us again
for the busiest week of the year.

Kyle Edquist smiles as we pass in the canals, driving the Serena Lee.

Steve Elkins heads off into the sunset,
piloting the Isabella Celeste with her red rope-lights.

It was a great day.
The culmination of months of work and preparation.
Tomorrow will be even busier, and Valentine's Day is Monday.
On Tuesday I think I'll sleep all day.

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staff said...

Hi Greg, please give my bests to John. Happy V-Day to everybody there, Nereo