Tuesday, February 15, 2011

And the Beat Goes On

On the day after Valentine's Day, we expect to have some breathing room, but there are always more cruises.
Today I was on the docks as some of our gondoliers got their boats together and headed out with passengers.

John Kerschbaum rolls canvas on the Lucia.

Once the passengers are seated,
John takes a few photos with their camera.

The first few strokes of the day.

A smooth departure into the waters of Newport Harbor.

Meanwhile Steve Elkins was hosting a family on the Cassandra Anne.
These are some of the first images posted of her since her rail replacement.
Steve brings the glassware and silver bucket to the boat.

 Wiping down the varnished mahogany decks.

Taking a family photo before boarding.

All aboard and heading out.

Another smooth departure.

A wave from a distance.

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