Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Spy in New Orleans

photos by Joe Deverell

While gondolier Roberto was flying back from a visit to Boston yesterday 
(no doubt snomobiling with Joe Gibbons), another gondolier friend of mine,
Joe Deverell was in town on business and thought he'd pay a visit to the only gondola servizio in New Orleans.
He arrived to see a location that made him jealous - the embarcadero there in City Park is quite nice.
Then he saw the gondola, and took a couple photos which I convinced him to send me.  Roberto didn't know his boat would be photographed, but she was tucked in like only a pro could do.
I have to say, that's one of the best wrap jobs i've ever seen.

Thanks for the photos Joe.
Oh, and Roberto...surprise!


Tam√°s said...

> Oh, and Roberto...surprise!

I see. Joe took the ferro and buried it somewhere in the woods?

gondolaguy said...

Cool surprise!!
Boston was a blast!!