Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Barca Vecchia

photo by Tamás Fehér
We've looked at a lot of boats here on the Gondola Blog.
But over the years, we've never seen a boat quite like this.
Once in a while you see something that appears to defy logic,
I'm reminded of the discussion of the bumble bee, and how according to physics, it should not be able to fly, and yet it does.

In this case, it doesn't look like this boat should be capable of staying afloat, and yet she does. 
She's been floating for a while. 
A really, really long while.
We might not be looking at the oldest boat in Venice, but she's definitely one of the oldest afloat.
Even the remi look like they might have gone to China and back with Marco Polo himself.

Anybody wanna risk stepping aboard to grab that umbrella?

1 comment:

Tamás said...

I wonder if the boat is really that old? Maybe a decade of neglect, especially skipping the yearly paintjob could be blamed for the vessel's poor condition.