Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Sign of Summer in Boston

Joe Gibbons in Boston sent me this photo recently, along with the following words:
"As much as I like to snowmobile during the winter this photo makes me long for the warm weather again here in Boston."

What we see, of course, is a gondola on the Charles River in Boston, during the most golden part of what photographers call the "golden hour".

When I first saw the image, I was a bit confused by the bright CITGO sign. 
It seemed out of place.  But I am not from Boston, and after some research,
I now know that it's been a Boston fixture for a long time.
My guess is that Joe, being a true Bostonian, likes the photo even more with the CITGO sign in it.

To learn more about this iconic sign, check out the following links.

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