Friday, March 4, 2011

Blog Header Roundup : Fall and Winter

"Opening in the Clouds" shot in late February of 2010.
can be seen along with other photos from that day in the post "Lousy Day".

"Schooling silhouette" - shot on first night of 2009 Newport boat parade. The gondolier in the shot is Mark Schooling - a guy who rows for my friendly competitor, he's their senior gondolier and one of the best rowers I've shared the water with.
Here's a link to the post it was featured in: "First Night of Boat Parade in Newport Beach". 

"Snow on Gondolas" - shot by Ingo Stahl in Bacino Orseolo
This photo originally appeared on the Gondola Blog in February 4th of 2008.
I chose to put it at the top of the blog on the first day of winter.

"Roberto and Bella Mae"
Roberto of Nola Gondola in the "Big Easy" sent me this a while ago.  It seemed perfect for the mast-head.
The photo first appeared here in the aptly-named post "Livin' the Dream in New Orleans".

"Haulout day in Boston"
Gondolier: Steve Bruno
At the end of another great season, the gondolas on the Charles River came out once again for hibernation.
To view a series of photos from the haulout, see "Boston Haulout" from November 5th.

The"Spam Ship"  Sean in Coronado, CA sent me this gem.  The cruise ship in the distance is the one we saw a while back on the news - the one which was stowed back to port, but not until after they ran out of all the good food and started serving canned ham.  Read more at "Beautiful View in Coronado".

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