Saturday, March 26, 2011

The View from the Bridge

Tonight I positioned myself on the Newport Blvd. bridge to take some photos of Stefano as he set out for a cruise on the Wedding Gondola. 
I told Stefano's couple I'd be on the bridge, and they spotted me easily, smiling for the camera.

Thirty-six feet of boat isn't always easy to fit into the frame.

As he approaches the bridge, Stefano steps into place, pulls the remo out of the morso, and prepares to brake...because he is planning on grabbing hold of the bridge to sing a song for his passengers.

As the gondolier serenaded his couple, I scurried across five lanes of highly trafficked pavement so I could get in position to capture the boat as she headed into the canals.

And while this is the last photo of the sequence here, it was really just the beginning for Stefano and his couple.

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