Sunday, March 20, 2011

Serene Reflection

photo by Martina Zane

There are many ways to look at this photo:

Maybe you long to see Venice for the first time
and an image like this is bound to make you want to go even more.

Maybe you've been there before,
and such a picture simply trips a smile for you.

If you live in Venice, you might look at the photo and say to yourself,
"I wonder where that was taken".

Some of my readers will invariably focus intently on the little red boat,
musing over what kind of boat she is.

No matter who you are, this is the kind of photo that calms the soul. 
You find yourself in situations now and then where you need to relax,
and an image like this is just right.

Next time I need to "find a happy place", I might just visualize this view.

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