Friday, December 30, 2011

Best and Favorite Posts of 2011 - part 1

We've looked at so many things in the past year on the Gondola Blog.
There have been numerous subjects covered and a lot of cool boats to look at.
Here are some of the posts that stood out for me.

Favorite "instructional" post:
"Ambulance Aftermath" with photos by Martina Zane.

Gondola I'd most like to steal:
I talk a lot about boats I'd like to swipe.
I'm really not prone to maritime theft, and in fact I've never stolen a boat.  I was involved with a yacht repo once, but it was a bank-sanctioned affair and I really only delivered the repo-men to the yacht.  But...if I were to steal a gondola in Venice, of all the boats we've looked at this year, the "Super Deluxe" gondola would be my first choice.

Best "Hey, wait a minute, what's going on there?" photo:
René Seindal's "Kayak in the Sky" absolutely forces you to look at it from different cerebral perspectives.  I'd venture to guess that many readers actually tried to turn their head over while contemplating it. Leave it to a kayaker to get such a great view from the water.

Best action shot:
Mark J. Hunt's image in "Boston Gondolas - the View from Above" captures so much movement in a still photograph.

Most colorful post:
"Caorline Come in All Colors" - Tamás came upon this group of boats while watching a regata one day on Giudecca.  Rainbow references would be easy to make here, but personally, the boats remind me a little bit of the fruit flavored Life Savers candies I used to love as a kid.

Favorite "Snow" shots:
I've received some great photos of snow-on-gondolas over the years, and I'm hoping some of you will send some fresh ones to post this year.  You'd expect a snow post to come from a place further north...than Texas. 

Favorite "Shot from the back of the boat":
The twilight view in the December 24th post "Christmas Eve on the Water in Newport".

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