Saturday, December 3, 2011

Happy Birthday René!

The Gondola Blog isn't just frequented by gondoliers.
I'm thankful to say that others who are interested in Venice, Venetian boats and rowing, and even a few lookie-loos stop by here regularly.

In fact, while many might think that the Gondola Blog is solely a product of Gondola Greg, the truth is far from it.  I receive photos and text from several friends.  In many cases I don't think they realize how much I appreciate them.

One such friend is René Seindal of Venice Kayak - who just so happens to be having a birthday today.

So to honor his birthday, I went to his Facebook page and stole this great image of him paddling under the Rialto Bridge in Venice.
I made sure to snag an image that also had a gondola in it.
The paddle in René's hands is a custom crafted piece by our remer friend Paolo Brandolisio.

Happy birthday René!
Oh, and sorry for swiping the photo.


Anonymous said...

Thanks a million, Greg.

I recently went through my photos as my harddisk had filled up, and marked the ones to keep, so I have several thousands photos from Venice to upload in the future - loads more to swipe :-)

staff said...

Happy birthday from