Monday, December 12, 2011

Huntington Harbour Boat Parade 2011 - Part 2 - Video

Here are some video clips from the gondola on Saturday night as we rowed in the Huntington Harbour Boat Parade.

This first piece of video was shot as we were on our way to the area where all the boats congregate before the start.  Kale had brought along a "penny-whistle" - you can hear it a little bit in this clip.
The theme for this year was "Islands", so a lot of the boats who participated chose to theme their decoration around a particular island or archipelago. 
The Hawaiian themed boats were easy to spot, and there was at least one Jamaican themed boat (I know because I kept hearing Bob Marley pumping out of their sound system).  We, of course were representing the Island of Venice.

Here's a clip I shot as the boats started moving in the same direction, in a semi-controlled manner, but the whole thing hadn't started to resemble a parade yet.

The moon was full that night, and as it was rising, I was able to grab a few decent shots of it through the trees and just above the rooftops.

As the crowd of boats began to trail off in a uniform direction, we found ouurselves doing a little jockeying - not to compete for position, but to stay in the proper order.

Early along the route we encountered two stand-up-paddlers who did an excellent job of "personal lighting".

This snippet was shot as we began to enter some of the tighter areas. 
In the distance you can hear some of the excited spectators on boats, bridges, docks and land.

I shot these last two video segments while perched on the trasto-de-meso between Nico and Kale. Tim was rowing a poppa and Chris was up front.

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