Thursday, December 29, 2011

Blog Header Roundup : Changing Colors with the Seasons

Over the Side - Sunset Skies
Hanging your camera over the water, clipped to the end of a tripod can be a nervous affair.
Using the timer feature allows full extension.
Try doing it while rowing - remo in one hand, extended but bundled tripod in the other, and you have to make numerous attempts to get something decent.       In between the decent ones (and all the missfires), you get a few real "keepers".
This was one of five images featured in my post Hanging it Over the Side.

"Roberto and Bella Mae"
This wasn't the first time I placed this great profile image at the top. But when Roberto of Nola Gondola in New Orleans was celebrating his birthday, it seemed like the perfect fit.
The photo first appeared here in the post "Livin' the Dream in New Orleans".

Wedding Gondola in Monochrome -      This was one of many images captured by my office manager (and climber of Mount Kilimanjaro), Alison White. The series of photos were shot on January 17th, 2011 and many can be seen in the post "Mid-January in Newport" and "Good Friday Wishes".

Pupparin in Venice, California -            In early July of 2011, Tim of Sunset Gondola and I ventured up to Venice, California for one last row of his pupparin before hauling her out.  The Whole story can be read (along with more photos) at "Rowing in the "Other Venice".

Parade Illumination- On the fourth night of the Christmas Boat Parade here in Newport Beach, gondolier Justin Deckert shot this one of me as the lights from a passing parade boat was casting light on my white gondolier's shirt.  More photos from that night can be seen in the post where this photo was originally seen:  "Newport Beach Boat Parade, Night 4 Photos"

Spinning in the Light - This was shot with a tripod mounted on the floor near the front of the gondola.  My daughter Cassandra assisted by getting the lighting right and firing the shot (really, "shots" because for every one good long exposure, it seems there are fifteen or twenty failed attempts). The photo was taken in early January of 2011 when some of the Christmas lights were still up from the 2010 festivities.

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