Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hanging It Over the Side

I'm a gondolier and a photography fan.
As the fanatic behind the Gondola Blog, both disciplines come in handy.
I've already taken loads of pictures from the back of a gondola - many of which have been seen here.
Getting a tripod involved isn't a new idea either.
But mounting my beloved camera to the top of the tripod, and hanging it out over the water was a new exercise in faith.
The timer setting was an important thing.
So was a firm grip.
Doing it all while rowing?
well that seemed like a fun challenge,
and I was just brave or stupid enough to give it a try.

Here's a shot with the lady's hand resting along the rail.

Rowing in the tight canals added to the challenge.

Getting the camera so close to the surface offers some great reflections.

I managed to snap this photo
as we were approaching a message-in-a-bottle.

Sure, I had plenty of blurred attempts, and shots that were almost right, but I came away with a few that I was happy with.

I was also happy that I came away with a dry camera!

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