Saturday, July 23, 2011

Raise a Toast to my Right-Hand-Man

Steve Elkins is my senior gondolier in Newport.
He's an expert at both rowing and piloting our motorized vessels.
Years ago Steve started with some simple tasks - assisting me in prepping boats for haulout or painting. 
Bit by bit he learned the steps and methods involved.
In short time he was taking these projects on by himself.
In Newport, Steve is my right-hand-man.
Today was Steve's birthday, and while I'd like to have gotten this post up sooner, I had my hands full with a birthday party of my own (my daughter's birthday party brought around sixty people to our house).

But now, as I sit at my desk for the first time all day, enjoying a much needed glass of vino rosso, I raise my glass in toast to Steve Elkins.
Happy birthday Steve!

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