Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pink and Blue

photos by Chris Clarke
Yesterday's post, with the caorlinas in all colors, received a comment from Chris Clarke which reads:
Is it possible to imagine a better way for a group of friends to have a picnic, a voyage of exploration and possibly a bit of racing all in the same day than a Caorlina or two?

That reminded me of a collection of photos he sent to me recently,
of two brand new caorline he had the pleasure of rowing with friends.

In an e-mail, Chris explained:
These photos were all taken on a trip from the Giudecca (San Biagio) around some of the deserted islands to the south of the city culminating in a delicious seafood lunch at Malamocco on the Lido.  The Caorline were brand new and had barely been in the water.  

Often, when folks set out on more than one boat, it can become a little bit competetive, so I wasn't the least bit surprised when Chris finished with:
It was a great day, spent mainly trying to pretend that the two boats were not actually racing.

Caorline come in all different colors.
Looking at these two, I can't help but entertain the thought that the boat builder's wife just had twins - a boy and a girl.

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