Thursday, July 28, 2011

Send-Off, California Style

photos by John Synco
Last night a bunch of us California gondoliers and friends got together to give a proper send-off to John Synco and his wife "Trish the Dish".
The Synco family will be moving to the Seattle area soon - a great loss for So Cal as far as I'm concerned.

I was unable to get there until halfway through, but fortunately John had his camera and tripod, so a "usual suspects" photo was taken.

By the time I met up with everyone, they'd already rowed to Captani Jacks, and everyone was already well-marinated. 
It was a great, and noisy time, with lots of singing (rarely on key).
Next, evryone jumped on the boats.
I swiped the boat that John had rowed over,
and made him sit as a passenger.
Under the bridge John shot this interesting exposure under the bridge as I sang something in latin.

More photos are sure to come, maybe some video too - although last night's recordings were a lot less, um, professional than ones we've captured at past get-togethers.

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