Friday, July 29, 2011

River-Surfing in Germany

I try to keep everything here relevant.
Gondolas, Venice, similar boats or operations, and of course,
gondoliers - they are often the most interesting topic of all.

Now and then I come across something that's not really relevant,
but I'm pretty sure many of you will find it interesting.
Considering how many gondoliers love adventure, and have an affinity for travel, I think this is worth posting.
I know that many of my West Coast gondolier friends are also surfers,
and I'm certain this will interest them.

A friend of mine, who plays in my brother's reggae band,
shot this while in Munich.
Check out "Munich River Surfing".

Anyone out there know how to say "Cowabunga!" in German?


Gondola Sean said...

Nice. Like river surfing? Search for "Seven Ghosts" and be amazed. Here is one:

DG Beat said...

Here's that SUP video I was telling you about.

Gondola Sean said...

John - sorry I missed the send off the other night. Cool SUP video. I'd like to do that one day.

Gondola Sean said...

Now - I'd like to further exacerbate the "off-topic-ness" of this blog post in regard to SUP Venice. I wish they didn't call SUP surfin' This is not surfing, it is Stand Up Paddling. I think I'm going to go shoot up a post office or something now. Ciao for now.

Gondola Greg said...

Sean, you're such a buttercow.

DG Beat said...

Hey, Sean. No worries. I"ll still be around... virtually.