Thursday, July 7, 2011

Four Rowing, Two Sitting?

photo by Nereo Zane

Last Saturday Nereo Zane took part in an interesting event called the "Regata Internazionale dei Consoli".
He described it as:
"A particular kind of regata along Canale di Cannaregio on caorline with four oarsmen and two guests."
Sounds like the kind of regata my grandma would really enjoy
(as one of the passengers, of course).
Nereo's posted a nice collection of photos from the event on his blog. 

Here's a link: "Regata Corpo Consolare".

Nereo explained to me how this unusual regata came about:
The original idea is from the Italian consul in Prague (Giorgio Boatto) and Zdenek Bergman "ferryman" and director of Charles Bridge Museum (Prague). I wrote "ferryman" because Mr. Bergman owns and runs a service of boats that cross the Moldava river from one shore to the other as an alternative to the bridge.

The consul Boatto got big help from the Venice municipality and some rowing clubs (first of all Canottieri Bucintoro,
3 Archi and VV Mestre) to set up the "first Consuls' Regatta" on caorline along rio di Cannaregio.

The caorline were rowed by 4 oarsmen, members of venetian rowing clubs, each one carrying one consul and his or her consort. Passengers who participated in the regatta were the Mayor of Prague, one city council member (alderman) and the Master a violinist Vaclav Hudecek with his wife.

In true Venetian form, there wasn't just a regata,
there was also food and drink.
There's always food and drink.
After the regatta the usual party based on "sarde in saòr", parmigiano, wine and beer (from Prague).

The weather was very good and that helped a lot.

You may notice that has a new look; Nereo has made a lot of changes and adjustments. Take a look around and enjoy.

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