Saturday, December 10, 2011

Huntington Harbour Boat Parade 2011 - Part 1

Tonight, Saturday, December 10th, I was fortunate enough to row once again in the Huntington Harbour Christmas Boat Parade.
Tim Reinard of Sunset Gondola has a keen sense when it comes to creating fun traditions that involve Venetian rowing.
This was the third year in a row that we've done this dance with big luxury yachts, sportfishers, and lots of other local power boats - all filled with people getting into the holiday spirit, and all decorated to the hilt.

This year we had a team of five, which meant that one guy got the fuss over photography, make sure the christmas lights were working (a black boat in the dark is a great way to get run over during such an event), and take care of beverage distribution for thirsty rowers.

Here are a few snaps from the dock, getting ready for the parade.
Guys prepping the boat.

Kale tending to the lighting.

Chris trying to make sense of the decorations.

Nico - striking that "How YOU doin'?" pose.

Tim stepping on.


DG Beat said...

oh man! there are some things (and people) I'm definitely missing!

Tamás said...

> make sure the christmas lights were working, a black boat in the dark is a great way to get run over during such an event

Being noisy also helps and the last pic appears to show that you were well-prepared with a stereo set?

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