Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gondolier Lands in Martinique

"Gondoliers are interesting" is a phrase I often use,
but there are others:
"Gondoliers are adventurous".
"Gondoliers like to be outside, and are comfortable in unsure circumstances".
"Gondoliers have big dreams".
And lastly, "Gondoliers are capable".

I can think of many gondoliers who meet all of the above criteria,
but at this writing, nobody fits the description better than Tommaso Luppi.
After twenty-three days at sea, Tommaso successfuly crossed the Atlantic,
and as I write this he's probably either sleeping,
laughing somewhere in a hammock,
or maybe sampling rum in Le Marin Bay on the Caribbean island of Martinique.

Bravo Tommaso!

To read more about the crossing and see photos, go to Marie Ohanesian Nardin's blog and check out this post.
Many thinks to Marie for keeping us all updated on this adventure.
And thanks to Tommaso, who embodies the spirit of the gondolier and has made all of Venezia proud.

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