Friday, November 12, 2010

Way Too Many Hoses

When I spend time in Venice, I'm gazing at gondolas to an obsessive degree. A gondola could be filled with aliens and Elvis, and I'd still be staring at the boat.

After a while I come up with different names for the various gondolas in my collection of photos.
This one is "the gondola with way too many hoses".

I realize that the dangling hoses are functional, and a rather clever use of rubber hose material. but It seems like they ought to be stowed while cruising.

In fairness, I haven't rowed the man's boat or walked a mile in his shoes, but I must say that the gondola he's rowing is darn-near perfect...if not for all the hoses hanging over the side.

Let's take a closer look:
 The gondolier treads on a very nice custom carpet.

 This gondola has some sweet cavalli - trumpeting angels in a gold finish.

Real estate people talk a lot about the value of location.  This guy's got good location.  If he cruises the Rialto area he can probably brag about his docking location.

I may have built this post around the hoses which hang from the side of the boat, but the truth is - she's a beautiful gondola that any gondolier would love to call his own.

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staff said...

Too many hoses? mhmmm maybe the gondolier isn't confident of his ability with the oar. ;-)