Sunday, November 7, 2010

Long Lens Sniping at Sunset Gondola - Kelly Approaches the Dock

I stopped by Sunset Gondola yesterday and caught a few images of Kelly Stiles, a new gondolier there in Huntington Harbour, as he headed for the dock.  He had a happy, good looking couple and the angle was right. 
I watched as Kelly "got to know" the wind that always seems to be there waiting at the end of the row of docks.

The day had been sunny and clear just an hour earlier, but then the marine layer came in and changed the whole look of things - it made for a nice effect with a monochrome photo.

The boat in the shot is a Tramontin-built gondola,
known at Sunset Gondola as "Fabio". 
She's a heavy-duty boat, but the gondolier seems to have things well handled.

Nice job Kelly!

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