Monday, November 1, 2010

Martina Goes Monochrome

photos by Martina Zane

Recently a collection of black-and-white gems caught my eye and I asked Martina if I could post them here.

There are six images, each with accompanying description.

I was in the northern part of Venice, between Sant'Alvise and Madonna dell'Orto in the Sestiere Cannaregio. The boat with the rope caught me that very second, I sat down on the "sidewalk" and spent a couple minutes there looking at it. The water was still and no boats coming up from any direction.

I was on the Vaporetto to Burano and I think that the city you see behind the broken walls is Mazzorbo or Torcello, I can't remember.

I thought the broken walls were the image of Venice many people have, that is, a city living on its glorious past and hardly surviving: people want to live with every kind of comfort, want to use the car to move just a little distance, want to go to the mall near home...that's impossible in Venice. But I wanted to spend my holidays in Burano this year (if only the weather was good!), spend all the time there and see how people live, on an island without commodities (there's no cinema, no theater) but people know how to live well!

I shot this picture in Murando - the glass island. It was a bad day, I thought it would rain in a minute, the atmosphere was so crepuscular, like twilight, like a poem.

 As you know, tranportation in Venice is like a bet (gamble). However Venice has the most important fish and vegetable market of the region. Fish and Vegetables go to the Venice market first, in second place (or second quality stuff) go to other markets. Those men are passing vegetables from the boat to the shops like in no other place all over the world happen.

 I was in the vaporetto to Burano that day, and one of the buildings you see is the Hospital.

this last picture was shot in Cannaregio one of the most densely populated sestiere, probably one of the last places where you can experience the real Venetian life.
Nobody's living in that house now, probably not long ago there were children playing in that courtyard and people spending their spare time sitting in the sun and talking.

Many thanks to Martina for letting me post these great photos.
Each photo tells a story, makes you feel like you were there, but at the same time makes you want to go there...makes you want to live there.


Tamás said...

> But I wanted to spend my holidays in Burano this year

I thought Burano council has long banned all hotels, hostels and other forms of resident tourism, to preserve the local community life?

I wasn't aware it is possible to stay on the little island? That's certainly a tempting plan for vacation, if possible!

Bepi Venexiano said...

Only a great writer can use "crepuscular" and pull it off. It's, in my opinion, as impressive as the photos.