Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Flock of Sailboats

Out on the water today, the conditions were amazing.  Lately it's felt like summer came late this year, and today was a perfect example. 
Newport Harbor has a large sailing community.  Returning to the dock after one of my cruises, we came upon a familiar sight on an afternoon in Newport: sailing school.

Moving around like a flock of birds, these boats are fun to watch. 
It's beautiful to see them move well together, all tacking in unison. 
It's also fun to witness two or three small sailboats bumping into each other with an instructor hollering from his skiff with a megaphone. 

I didn't get too close this time because with all that back and forth tacking, you never know when you're gonna end up with a few extra passengers...and their boat!

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