Monday, November 8, 2010

Bacino Orseolo at Night - a Lineup of Ferros

By day, these gondolas traverse the canals of La Serenissima. 
After their evening passengers have gone ashore, they rest for the night.  Beneath the yellow walls of the Hotel Cavalletto, floating on a small green sea, the gondolas of Bacino Orseolo are side-tied, one to the other,
all in a row.

One row back, things look more jumbled, but at the head of the front row there's this great view of all the ferros in a lineup.  It's as if they're standing at attention, waiting for morning when their gondoliers come back once again.
These are working boats, despite the master-skills of the gondoliers who row them, there's still some bumping and grinding now and then.
Taking a closer look at the lineup of ferros, we can see some of those battle scars.

One of those blades has been featured here before,
in the "Ferro with Guts" post.  See if you can pick out which one I'm talking about.

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