Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bacino Orseolo at Night - Stacked and Packed

 Bacino Orseolo, the "Gondola Garage", as it is called sometimes - is the overnight mooring location for dozens of gondolas.  In a previous post we looked at the leading edge of the crowd of boats.  Now we focus on the middle, and it's quite a middle.  The gondoliers there have clever ways to raft their gondolas together.  Staring at this nightly creation, you begin to notice patters as bows and sterns rise together in rows.
 At first they all seem the same; like a bunch of black luxury cars in a parking lot, but then you start picking out differences between the boats: tail-pieces, trim levels, spots that are varnished rather than painted. 
Each boat is beautiful in her own way, and each gondolier knows his or her boat. 
Somewhere in the above photo, is a well-polished ferro that was the main focus of my post from January 11th of this year, "Orseolo - One Polished Ferro".  See if you can spot the shiny blade.

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