Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Birthday John Synco!

I try to keep track of birthdays here on the Gondola Blog. 
Sometimes one will get by me, but I do my best. 
Sincere apologies go out to anyone who's big day slipped by.

Today, November 3rd, is the birthday of one of my favorite Southern California gondoliers - John Synco.
In this area, a name like "Synco" all but guarantees you a lifetime of nicknames that revolve around the number five.  John has often gone by "Cinque", and I've even seen him referred to in writing simply as "5".
in honor of his birthday, I'm posting five of my favorite photos of John from previous posts.

 Greeting another gondolier on the water in Naples.

 Laughing with friends at a get-together at Sunset Gondola.

 On board training for the Huntington Harbour Christmas Parade of 2009.

The get-togethers at Sunset Gondola are among my very favorite activities.  John is one of the people I always look forward to seeing.

 Posing for the camera with Eric Sjoberg at another get-together.

"Cinque" in his natural habitat.

Happy birthday John!

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DG Beat said...

Ha! Thanks for this post, Greg! Hopefully we'll meet up for a glass of vino soon.