Tuesday, November 9, 2010


This post originally identified the boat in the photo as a topo.  Thanks to Nereo Zane, i now believe she's a bragozzo.
Am I correct amici?

photo by Tamás Fehér

It could be argued that the lifeblood of Venice is carried by boats...many boats...through her veins and arteries, which are her canal system.
And while many different types of vessels contribute to keeping things alive,
a large share of the load is carried by moto-topos and other large cargo boats.  These motorized workhorses, carry cargo of all types.

The boat Tamás photographed, the "Nettuno" is named after the sea god "Neptune" from the ancient Roman pantheon (comparable to the Greek deity "Poseidon").

From groceries to garbage, lumber to luggage, anything that comes into or goes out of Venice in any decent amount makes the trip in one of these boats.  Many Venetian cargo boats specialize in particular types of cargo.
I recently saw a tv commercial for UPS with a cago boat cruising up the Grand Canal with the company logo on her rudder.

I wonder what the "Nettuno" carries.


staff said...

mhmm, there's a mistake ... that boat isn't a topo but ... (post your answer here)

Tamás said...

I think the Nettuno is NOT a caorlina, because the rear end is not raised or arched upwards.

Maybe it was a mini-mini-bragozzo (bragosseto), like this and the sails got deleted for a motor?

The photo was taken 2009. May 31st in Burano, maybe it helps with the identification.

> "I recently saw a tv commercial for UPS with a moto-topo cruising up the Grand Canal with the company logo on her rudder."

There is a DHL express parcel motorboat photo on the CD-ROM (item DSCF 2791). She is not exactly the best maintained hull in Venezia!

staff said...

You bet! she's a "bragossetto"