Saturday, November 6, 2010

Looking at the Pupparin from a bridge in Naples, California

Standing on a bridge in the Naples neighborhood in Alamitos Bay,
I snapped a few photos of a pupparin with passengers.

When compared to a Venice-built gondola, the pupparin is a little shorter in length, but looking at the vessel from above, we can appreciate just how much boat this gondolier has to row. 

The raised platform of the pupparin sets her apart from the other members of the "sandolo family".  These boats have their roots as training platforms for young hopeful gondoliers learning the trade.  To this day they are the official boat for the race of the "giovanni" in Venice's famous Regata Storica.

As he rowed around the corner, the gondolier got some interesting looks from a couple on hydrobikes.


emilia said...

che bello!!! the first shot!

Tamás said...

Looking at the topmost photo, I first thought it was a scale model?

I guess a pupparin is difficut to row, because the gondolier is positioned so high. A little wave and swim...