Monday, November 22, 2010

Millspaugh Surfs SUP

When the first surfers paddled by me in Newport Harbor - standing up -
I took notice.  It was an unusual thing to see.  Sure, guys had been paddling through the canals kneeling or lying down for as long as I could remember, but these guys were standing up and using paddles. 
Not long after that I saw one catching waves while I was surfing in Huntington Beach, and it made more sense.  These days I see them all the time in Newport.  They are known as "stand up paddlers" or SUP's.

My passengers and I often share a laugh about how they are "gondoliers in-training". 
With a good sense of balance and a love for the water, I've known for a long time that surfers are uniquely qualified to row a gondola. 
They need training like anyone else, but I think they have a head start because of their experience surfing.

Now here's a link to a nice clip of a gondolier (Bob Millspaugh) stepping onto a board and catching a wave SUP style. 
There's no forcola, and the "remo" is much shorter,
but I think some of the same dynamics are there.
Bob is one of the surfers, and he can also be heard singing the second song,

"SUP Sessions 11/12/10"

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