Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tri-Row with Tim and Chris

Yesterday I joined up with Tim Reinard, owner of Sunset Gondola and gondolier Chris.

We set out on the pupparin and had a great row on a sunny November day.

Rowing trio is a little different from tandem or quattro. Tim had his work cut out for him keeping the boat on course, but he was on top of it the whole time.
Our adventure wouldn't be the same without the Strap-Cam. I climbed out to the bow and wrapped it tight. The footage was pretty good, so I threw it into a little video which I hope you can see below. My plan was to get this post up last night but the video upload process had other plans. Let's just say that I'm better at rowing than I am at computers.
The camera angle didn't catch much of Chris, but you can see his remo working right alongside mine.



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Hey good video. not the same for the audio background though ;-)
I'd love to be there with you instead of being here in a foggy day!!