Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kayaker wins Sandolo Race

Rene Seindal of Venice Kayak is a frequent Gondola Blog reader and commentor. He's usually on his kayak, and offers some great views from a different perspective. It turns out Rene also knows how to row in the voga alla Veneta style, and quite well.
Congratulations are in order because Rene was the bow-man on the winning boat in Diadora's end-of-season regata.
If you're on Facebook, click on this link to read his summary and check out his photos from the front of the boat.
If you're not on Facebook...then get on it, or hijack someone else's computer to see it.
Nice going Rene, nice going.

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René Seindal said...

Hi Greg,

I'm not sure I'm worthy of all this praise, I'm definitely a novice at voga alla veneta, but I am very happy for my little red flag :-)

The thing on facebook is really from my blog at